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Nothing is annoying as a poky computer that impedes your ability to operate or play games even on mobile devices. We expect programs to open up quickly and have a good experience browsing the internet but this is not always the case. Slowing down of computers results from malware, junk files, fragmented hard drive or infected Windows Registry.  Advanced System care Pro aims to address all of these maladies to leave your computer running smoothly. IObit has similarly designed AMC security to address such problems in Android phones and tablets.


3 Categories

Advanced SystemCare comes in three categories; Advance SystemCare free, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate and Advanced SystemCare Pro.

(A) Advanced SystemCare free

(B) Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

(C) Advanced SystemCare Pro


Advanced SystemCare Free

The free version is a lightweight download available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 computers. It installs quickly and thrives on the PC as a desktop application. Once installed, it prompts you to scan the PC by clicking on a Scan icon. This version fixes several issues and you may not need to install Advanced SystemCare Ultimate or higher versions unless your computer is adversely affected. A major improvement of the Advanced SystemCare Download is that it does not have nuisance widgets save for a Health Monitor that lives in the upper-right corner of the application. The Advanced SystemCare serial is now available here.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10 is a recent release in the Ultimate series that offers a bunch of interesting features. It prides in boosting PC speed by up to 300% by sweeping private information and cleaning junk files like no other version before it. The package also eliminates Ads to provide an enjoyable browsing environment.  Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10 also encompasses a facial recognition feature to protect your PC from intruders. Click here for tons of Advanced SystemCare 10 serial key.


Advanced SystemCare 10 Pro

The Advanced SystemCare 10 Pro package gives you more optimization capabilities but at some cost.  With this single tool, you get a RAM cleaner and a deep windows registry cleaner in addition to clearing junk and fixing bugs. The best part is that everything is automated and does not call for your constant input. Advanced SystemCare 10 Pro users have full control of what may be scanned as you can check all options or just a few as per your need.


Advanced System care Pro Key Features

IObit's system care Pro 10 provides maximum hard disk clean and excellent protection from threats. Turbo Boost is an inbuilt tool that stops unnecessary services hence freeing up the RAM. Additionally, FaceID is a new feature that automatically captures intruders, while Hardware accelerator utilizes IObit Driver Booster to update computer drivers.  The package also features a Deep Optimization tool that scrutinizes applications and services more deeply.


Internet Anti-Tracking Ability

Browser anti-tracking utility keeps internet users safe through the Auto Online Trace Policy. Working in conjunction to this is a Toolbar Cleaner that removes suspicious toolbars from your web browsers.  It uses an enhanced performance monitor that constantly checks CPU status, as well as monitoring the RAM and hard disks. Other features include disk scan, vulnerability fix, privacy sweep, registry cleaner, and a startup optimization utility. You will also love its new look thanks to the restructuring of its themes and skins.


Scan Efficiency

Advanced SystemCare has a high diagnostic consistency, meaning it unearths all possible bugs within the first scan. After the initial scan, any successive runs may not capture any fault as the first test is totally effective. This feature ranks key Advanced SystemCare Pro as one of the best security programs for personal computers.


Easy to Use

Ease of use is another plus of the IObit Advanced SystemCare full versions.  These packages are essentially designed with users who are not tech-savvy in mind since they have very interactive user interfaces. For instance, it requires only a single click to run optimizations. Versions like the system care 10 Pro features a multi-tabbed interface to ease navigation. With its classy architecture, you can download additional tools at will. Access the Advanced SystemCare Pro key and Advanced SystemCare Pro serial here to speed up your PC now.


AMC Security and AMC Security Pro review

On the other hand, AMC Security is the number one mobile booster and security application for Android devices. It offers clean up and optimization utilities, and real-time protection against phishing websites and malware. It is widely the trusted app for game boosting, battery saver management, and protection against theft. One tap helps you clear all the cache junks, useless APK files, privacy records, and residual files. Running a deep scan helps to clear large files and thumbnail files. Despite its features, you may need to upgrade to the AMC Security Pro for Advanced options.

You can avoid the $9.99 per year price tag attached to AMC Security Pro by accessing the AMC Security Pro key or AMC Security Pro serial from a promo website. Get the AMC Security Pro code from the Promo website by clicking on ‘Get Activation Code'. Advanced mobile care download is available here or from the Google Play Store. Once you install it, open the ‘hamburger' icon at the far top left side of the screen. This leads you to options such as Privacy Locker, App Manager, and Privacy Advisor.  Go to the ‘Enter Code' prompt and feed the code obtained from the promo website before you sign up. The premium account created lasts six months before you pay the premium fee.



IObit provides easy-to-use PC and mobile maintenance tools that are effective in cleanup and protection against intrusion. These programs also AMC Professionalhave high diagnostic consistencies as well as drastically improving boot-up speed. Advanced SystemCare 10 Pro from IObit offers numerous features for digital security. Just like the Android mobile version, AMC Security for PC is an equal competitor for PC protection. We recommend these tools for anyone looking for reliable PC and Android mobile cleaner or optimization software.